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PANEL OF masters

Below is our expert panel of martial arts masters (NOT in alphabetical order, by name):

[ Master Zhou Yue Wen ] - XingYi (Hsing Yi) Quan, Bagua Zhang and Mizong Quan
Zhou Yuewen is renowed in Shanghai China as a expert in the chinese internal arts: Xing Yi Quan, XingYi Liu He Quan and Liu He Ba Fa. Born in Shanghai, Master Zhou Yuewen started his kungfu training in 1969 and in 1978, he joined the renowed Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Association 精武体育会 founded by the famous kungfu hero: Huo YuanJia 霍元甲. His skill in traditional Chin Woo kungfu and the highly guarded Mizong Quan - also known as Huo Jia Quan and most importantly his awesome combative skill make Master Zhou Yuewen a highly sought after kungfu instructor internationally. He subsequently taught Chin Woo Kungfu at the Kuala Lumpur branch of Chin Woo in 2004 and the Singapore branch from 2007 to 2009 before founding his own traditional kungfu school in Singapore....

[ Grandmaster/Lieutenant-Colonel(R) Julian Lim ] - Hapkido (8th Dan), TKD (7th dan)
GM Julian S. Lim started training in TaeKwonDo in 1970 under Lee Byong Moo and Nam Tae Hee, (two legendary Korean Masters) as well as Ooi Ah Ching and Andy Yuen. He achieved his first black belt in 1975...

[ Master Lim Beng Kiat ] - Krav Maga, Hapkido/Taekwondo(5th Dan), Bujinkan Ninjutsu
Master Lim Beng Kiat is a certified Krav Maga instructor and he also hold a 5th Dan Blackbelt in Sin Moo Kwan HapKiDo and 5th Dan Blackbelt n Ji Do Kwan TaeKwonDo..

[ Master Lu Yan ] - Wushu (6th Dan)
Master Lu Yan is one of the original Beijing Wushu Team members, winning 5 Gold Medals in National Chinese competitions, and over 40 Medals in total during her 10 year competitive Wushu career. Trained by two of the most exceptional modern Wushu coaches of all time, Wu Bin and Li Junfeng, her skills as a Wushu practitioner and coach are second to none.

[ Master/Lieutenant Colonel(R) Paul Ooi ] - Self Defense Martial Arts
Master Ooi started martial arts training at an early age in Penang. He was initially trained in Northern Shaolin styles, which include Seven-star Tanglang and Tantui. He studied Classical Jujitsu during his high school days in Penang and Kodokan Judo while at the University of London. In later years, he concentrated his study in internal martial arts and self-defence system...

[ Master Mark Stewart ] - Jeet June Do/Kali
Since 1977 Mark Stewart has taught martial arts, defensive tactics, sports and fitness at many Universities and Fitness Centers including UCLA, USC, and University of Hawaii at Manoa as well as Clark Hatch Fitness Centers, Powerhouse Gyms and Shinjuku Sports Center in Tokyo, Japan. Mark was also an Adjunct Professor of Physical Education, at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California from 1999-2001, where he taught martial arts and self defense.....

[ Master Mi Jin Pei ] - Wushu (6th dan)/Taichi/BaGua Zhang
Master Mi Jin Pei was born in Beijing in 1961. At age 11, Master Mi started her wushu training at Beijing's Shichahai Sports School (now more commonly known as the home of the Beijing Wushu Team). She was a member of the prestigious Beijing Wushu Team and won numerous medals during the 10 years when she was a professional wushu athletic. Master Mi holds a degree in Physical Education from Beijing Teachers College of Physical Education and is certified as a Wushu 6th dan by the Chinese Wushu Association. During her over 20 years of coaching career, Master Mi has coached various wushu team in China, Japan, Philippines and Singapore...

[ Master Jackie Ng ] - Cheong Kyum Kwan Hapkido
Master Jackie Ng is the chief instructor of Cheong kyum Kwan Singapore who is trained by Grandmaster Choi, founder of Hapkido Academy Cheong Kyum Kwan (Korea), certified by Korea Hapkido Federation and also a representative of Cheong Kyum Kwan, Korea...

[ Shihan Michael Sim ] - Shitoryu Karate (5th Dan)
Shihan Michael Sim Thiam Poh is the chief instructor of Hayashi-Ha Shitoryu-kai Karate-do Singapore and hold a Blackbelt 5th dan in Hayashi-ha Shitoryu Karate. Shihan Sim is also a qualified National Referee A for Karate and a certified Asian Karate-do Federation (AKF) Judge B.

[ Master Samuel Tan ] - Taekwondo (5th Dan)
Master Samuel Tan holds a 5th Dan blackbelt in Taekwondo. He is currently the chief instructor of Aljunied Community Centre Taekwondo Club.

[ Sensei Tang Soon Onn ] - Judo (5th Dan)
Sensei Tang Soon Onn was born in 1960 and started practicing Judo when he was 12 years old. He represented Singapore in various International Judo Championship and won a Gold Medal for Judo in the 1989 Sea Games. Sensei Tang is the founder/chief instructor of SA Judo School. He is also the Judo Coach for NTU/SMU/Victoria Junior College/The Chinese High School/Hwa Chong Junior College Judo Clubs.

[ Grandmaster Jack Wang ] - HapBoxercise, Hapkido (9th Dan)
Grandmaster Jack Wang is the founder and president of Hap Boxercise Martial Art International. Hap Boxercise Martial Art is a blend of Korean Hapkido, Western Boxing, The Filipino Martial Art: Kali & Kick-boxing. Drawing from his more than 30 years experience as a bouncer, bouncer trainer/director, GM Jack Wang created a very powerful and effective self-defense and fighting system which stress on its practicality and street-tested techniques...

[ James Wee ] - Sport Chanbara, Dynamic Combat
James Wee is the Senior Instructor for Sports Chanbara Training At Budo Academy and various international schools in Singapore. He holds a International Sports Chanbara Association "A" Instructor Certification...


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